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While living in Miami may not allow for boots to be a significant part of my shoe wardrobe, it doesn’t mean that I don’t still love them! My newest pair was acquired after a wild, shoe-aholic induced goose chase for the last pair of over-the-knee olive leather Sam Edelmans in my size in the USA. While still in the honeymoon phase, I focused many of my packing decisions for a cold and rainy trip to Pennsylvania on these boots, and came to find just how versatile boots can be. Soon after that,  I was thrilled to see that Vogue published a “Boot Guide for Fall 2012″, thereby dismissing any buyer’s remorse I could have possibly had over the purchase. So, whether you dive in to the Fall boot trend with an over-the-knee style like I did, channel vintage with some Dolce-inspired embroidery, go classic with some fashionable fur, or are loving the laser-cut, don’t be afraid to try something different and make this season’s it-accessory a knock-out.


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